St Peters lcmc Church-PRAYER ALERT-St Peters lcmc Church

Sunday service,8:30 & 11;00 Communion 1st,2nd and 5th Sunday of the month.

Prayers for those in need


 Those for whom we pray, Harold Haseley,  Mark Lendway,
  Chuck Cederman,Britt Gamache,,Lester Walck,
 Britt Gamache,Mark Lendway
, Cassie Stumpf.
 Tara Pfohl, Pam walck, Brian Beaudoin, Ely Bull Winkle,
Rick Kline, Bill Bullwinkle, Linda Rozyecko, Rachel Haseley
Diana Sacher. Lizzy,Walter,haaah,Brian

Those in a Nursing Home and Shut Ins

   Nora Hingle, Paul Grienert, Carol Pfohl





Serving in Military :

Seth Spitler, Nate Allen, Ben Thorstad,Jillian Kelkenberg, Philip Messina, Charles Cederman Justin Devantier Owewn Jensen 3Rd NF Air Base

                                                                 Pray All of our servicemen and women.